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Thread: What is a better buy MO or PG

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    Ok so im trying to decide on which one to buy for my retirement portfolio. Can you tell me which stock is the better bang for the buck?

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    Why not both? Between the two I think I'd go with MO. Lower P/E ... better growth ... more consistant trends ... and a fat 4% yeild.

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    Don't know ... I never really concider splits when buying stock. Are two nickels really worth more than a dime? Most of these companies are buying back shares ... it seems like it would defeat the point if they just introduce more shares by splitting.

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    I honestly don't think it could hurt going with both companies. They are both outstanding, and by buying both you would get tobacco, food, and medicine cabinet products. That would pretty much cover all your major consumer bases.

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    Both companies are great, though I would go with P&G.

    6 billion people wake up in the morning who need to shower, shave and brush their teeth and those are just three catagories P&G dominates in the health and beauty aids sector. Far fewer people are puffing on Marlboros or eating cheese squares.

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