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    NIce hammer with long tail in the oversold area. Look for a nice bounce today or Monday, currently at $1.10. May test $1 again, but it's going higher!

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    With news like that a while ago no wonder...

    Sep 09, 2006 (The News-Sentinel - McClatchy-Tribune Business News via COMTEX) -- Dana Corp.'s bankruptcy has left the automotive parts supplier atop Allen County's list of property tax delinquents.

    Dana has racked up $595,959 in outstanding property taxes owed to the county. That number could rise even more in November, when another round of tax payments is due.

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    the guy that did the seminar i attended said hes "rich and has 130k in taxes" but he does it cuz they pay him alot of money and he likes doin it, he also owns businesses i guess. but anyway i know my stuff but im having trouble turning it into anything, i dont know why i think i just need more knowledge and learn to control my emotions. im 19 and have about 8-10k available so 100 bux to me isnt that much to sit in a 27 hour workshop and hopefully learn alot. i was impressed with the seminar and think the workshop will be very good, but they arent looking for the 200 bux their motives are to help u make money so you use their platform which is 40 bux a month, thats what i think their motives are, but when i take it ill let u if it didnt help people no one would go to their other 8 workshops they have.

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