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    so this workshop came into my area so i decided to go, of course they wanted to sell something but this guy was good at what he did and taught us all alot about retiring and how 401ks are gonna get smashed in the next "crash" (he thinks crash because all the baby boomers will be cashing in their 401ks in about 5-15 years and our generation is mostly in debt so no one will be able to buy all this stock which will drive the stock prices down, good point IMO, im sure some of you will beg to differ) but anyways he offered a 3 day 9 hour/day workshop for 200 bux and you can bring a family member so me and my bro split it halfway. i think its a good deal and they claim once u finish you should in due time make alot of money, they said by start u will make small amounts of money and by the end you will be making mad cash, i know toni turner said workshops that say this would be bad but the TA he used to demonstrate how to make money seemed really really good. so just curious what everyone thinks about workshops, or if anyone went to this, or feedback on other workshops. thanks, chris

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    Well, without trying to come off like a basher; I don't see where his motivation to do the seminar comes from, if his methods are so successful why isn't he making "mad cash" and retired already? Travelling from city to city renting halls and repeating the same lecture over and over again at $200 a head doesn't seem all that appealing when he could be sitting in chaise lounge chair poolside in Tahiti with a laptop making "mad cash".

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    Now he may well have some good advice for people that are new to trading/investing, but from what you posted it doesn't sound like anything that hasn't been repeated many times on the web...for free.

    Of course I'm naturally skeptical so my opinion is obviously negatively biased, and your mileage may vary.

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    Clavocat, I have read some of your posts and you already have a lot of skill valuing stocks. Though I am sure it might be of interest just to see how someone beyond Cramer evaluates stocks, you are surely learning more here on this forum and elswhere on online along with your own trading experiences in the school of hard knocks.

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