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Thread: Thoughts on GYMB

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    I've been reading this forum regularly the past month, but this is my first post.

    I've been holding this since 8/11, and after the %12 gain today it puts me up to a %40 gain. Should I cash in, hold, or cash in with intent to rebuy on a dip? I think this has long term potential, but I'm wondering if it is overbought right now. I'm new to investing, just started last Jan, so let me know what you think.

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    Thanks for the input, I was leening towards cashout.

    Whats the best way to cash out? Unfortionately I'm in class most of the trading day so I can't watch things too closely. I'm a little worried about just selling at market now, because it could gap down or up on the open. Do you advise placing a limit order, a stop limit order at like 10cents below yestdays close or something, or wait till noon and sell market when I can manually do it? Basically, whats the best way to sell when your not going to be there at open?

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    Well given that Cramer gave the 'sell and lock in profits' talk today specifically about gymb, it will be choppy tomorrow. Given that it has gapped up 12.5% today, I believe there will be a day or two where the highs will be tested, but gymb will be brought down by the traders trying to short the stock after such a tremendous jump.

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    Safest bet, put in a trailing stop. This is a stop that automatically adjusts higher and higher as the price of the stock goes up. You can set it as either points or percentage under that last traded price. Depending on how tight you put it will determine your exit price. Good thing about it is that you can set it now and have it be put in tomorrow morning when the market opens. If the stock makes a large move up, you will get a good chunk of it, and if it turns against you, you are protected.

    Just remember that a larger trailing number will give your stock some play to go up, but it will also let your exit be further from the top as well if/when it does come down.

    Given that you have such a large profit anyway, Toni Turner recommends a tight trailing stop.

    Good luck and nice buy! Now go and SELL to lock it in!!

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    this reminds me of an investment my aunt made back in the day, her 20K became 40K after the stock doubled in value! A 100% profit and she wanted more... well, she waited too long and lost it all! What comes up fast usually drops fast.

    Oh well, it was a company called Enron if anyone remembers it.

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