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Thread: Limit order question

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    I placed a limit order @1.63 for EZEN and (1000 shares) and it filled 40 of them if i change the price to 1.64 will it charge me another commition?

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    Your answer is incorrect. If they have partially filled your order, and then you change your price, they will charge you a second commission. The 960 shares are an open order but an order has been made already for the 40 shares. So a change in price will make it another order.

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    I don't think the 40 shares would effect anything. Atleast with scottrade you can edit your open orders unless they are filled by the time the modified order is recieved. And i think yours is considered an open order for 960 shares now. But I think if you called your local office they should be able to give you a pretty quick answer.

    Chances are pretty good that by the EOD you should be able to fill your order at 1.63 if the stock price is floating around there.

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    Either way they should prompt you if they are charging another commision i did it, and they didnt prompt. Ima call after school and see what happened... Maybe i can get 3 more free trades

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    Bitch about what? That YOU changed YOUR order? It's nothing they did, it's you not understanding how the system works. If you had a question about how it works, you should have done some research on it and if you still can't find the answer, contact customer support. A knee-jerk reaction is not the way to go about things and them blame "them". If you are unhappy with who you use, then change. Use the SEARCH function in this forum. MANY MANY people have written posts about who they use and their likes/dislikes.

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