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Thread: Bestpicks and MOMO STEWART stay far away....

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    Bestpicks and MOMO STEWART stay far away.......this guy and his clan are well known for gaining ppls trust then taking their $$$$...i have posted about this before but i thought it was time to create a thread just for this alone....ppl need to know about this scam site and the ppl in charge many of HSM members have gone over there only to lose their hard earned $$ to these crooks.....

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    hedge funds that Alex stewart AKA MOMO , has falsely setup is another one of his tactics.....i have heard from 3 ppl that gave him 2k each that lost everything .....

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    heres what happens to you when you go over to the BP site...they welcome you with open arms , treat you as you are not a no0b and make it seem that ur one of the gang real fast..they talk up a good game about how they all make alot of $$ in this group of theres......they really pump up the new ppl there to make it seem that everyone makes a whole lota $$....they announce group plays and encourage all to jump in.....what they dont tell ya is they are all ready in days ago or weeks ago...these plays are already front when new ones jumpin they are getting out.......then when you get wise to this and confront ppl thru PM's or out in the open chat they ban you and thats it......they move on to the next suckers......

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    well i was able to find all this out and stay under the radar and epose these ppl and also beat the at their own game...... look at LDGIW...they set that up for a P&D....i did everything they said and found out what the deal was 1/2 way during that play....i beat them by BID wacking and killing that play leaving them stuck in it ( it was a real low floater ) took them weeks to get everyone out by MMGATing to get out at loss' yes i was one of the lucky ones...

    i was asked to give them 2k cash for the hedge fund , by i refused and was kicked out and banned from the

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    rofl!!! I should go there and play along, tell them im putting lots of money in and then short... i should read a book about shorting first though... 66% loss.
    There is no question what they are doing is immoral, but is it illegal and any way?

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