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Thread: BMD oversold and ready to bounce

  1. Default BMD oversold and ready to bounce

    I got in a little early where do you think the possible resistance is at?To me it looks like around $3.20...

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    Resistance and support are essentially determined by supply and demand.

    Think of resistance as a ceiling that every time the stock rises to that point it falls back down to hit the support ( which is the floor )

    When shares are being bought up the stock rises, resistance is usually determined by the top dollar people are paying at that time for the stock. If you draw a line across the highest points on a graph you will form a line, this line shows you the level of resistance.

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    Running well so far lets see how far the baby can go...Guru you holding all of it till $3.75 or planning on taking some of the table at some point?

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    here's to breaking that $3.40 mark! finally got pass the sellers at $3.20

    btw, how do people protect their profits? stops? trailing stops? by percentage or points?

    I have had some bad losses since I had mental stops, but now will be inputting the stops with each purchase. I have BMD at a 6% trailing stop? is that too large of a stop?

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