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Thread: CPST - oversold and ready to bounce

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    Do you see how the MACD signal crossed over but still curved downward? That means it might drop some more right?

    Also, see how there was that one lonely doji yesterday? That normally is good news, but today it just continued in its downtrend.... aaaah

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    Up nearly 5% in AH, watch tomorrow's open closely. If PM is good I'll probably take my chances and buy at the open with a tight trailing stop, and then add some more if a reversal is confirmed.

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    I love dojis at the bottom like CPST and POIG then they drop the following day, but the Bulls step in and bring the price up forming a hammer. That's a good sign of a bounce the following day. Keep an eye on both stocks and see what I mean

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    That sure is a pretty doji that formed today. RSI is 20. Oversold condition with a doji at the end of a long downward trend. Tempting. I may jump in with confirmation on Monday. I just need to find some money.:roll: Those of you with free funds watch closely on Monday!

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    CPST has formed three higher highs and higher lows in the past three days after bouncing of an oversold area. Keep an eye on it as I think it should take off soon. Currently, at $1.30

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