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Thread: HSOA Oversold??

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    ChartGuru, I am new to picking oversold stocks, let me know your thoughts here. RSI is red for the first time in a while and it close below the bollinger band. What else do I need to look for?

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    HSOA is a good oversold candidate. I would like to see a reversal signal like a doji or hammer at the bottom of the trend or an improving 60 minute chart. So far neither has happen. I expect a reversal signal tomorrow Weds for a possible play on Thurs, but keep it on your watch list in case it runs tomorrow.

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    This bounced off a low of 4.38 yesterday. In the final hour of trading it formed a spinning top and the volume really picked up.

    It may run today.

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    hopefully more than just up. huge volume spike, pullback and now on its way up again (hopefully!)

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    wow this may break through $5. Previous close at $4.5 and the buyers are coming out still through all the selling

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    I got out at $4.80 and $4.85 since it lost steam like 4-5 times at around $4.85. I did want to buy more on the pullback that was inevitable because of all the sellers waiting at that resistance.

    Looking at the charts, the macd looks like it's gonna cross over to bullish very soon, so I will be looking to get back in on another run of hsoa should it present itself.

    your thoughts?

    nice pick btw!

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