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Thread: DJ 10 Tanks Heading Into Central Bangkok -CNN

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    You're not alone, I go away for 20 minutes and come back to an energy sector that fell on it's ass, took me a minute to find the corollating news.

    I still fail to see the connection with Thailand, I know they export a lot of cheap goods, didn't think it was that consequential though.

  2. Default DJ 10 Tanks Heading Into Central Bangkok -CNN

    I could understand the market having problems if they said tanks were rolling into Beijeng or Tokyo, but Thailand?

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    Lots of americans in Thailand and another problems for the world to deal with, i mean the u.s. to deal with as no one else is willing to help.

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    Well random junk like this makes me glad I got out of some positions a bit ago and am sitting on some cash [waiting for the market to come down a bit through october to put money back in]. Just using the cash for some quick plays [bought CCBEF yesterday and sold today for a nice 15% gain]. Gotta make the coin where you can =)

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    Looks to me like Yahoo's earnings forecast revision is causing a lot of market downturn and the analysts expecting a rise in oil inventory caused crude to drop, taking as usual the oil companies with it. Here's what I don't get; the 'analysts' are predicting a 1.6million barrel drop, but since that's well above last years suppy it's perceived as being ample...hello, last years suppplies were artificially lower due to Katrina and Rita. Oh well, those 'analysts' are usually wrong anyway.

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