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    Hello all, I own 2 penny stocks that had down days, please give me your opinion
    ACMG: Bought 1000 at .15
    PGPU: Bought 600 at .18

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    Not trying to be a jerk, but what are your fees? You bought $150 of one stock and $108 of another. Hopefully your fees are dirt cheap so they don't eat into any possible gain you have. I can't comment on the stocks, but there is a fairly active message board on ACMG at ragingbull, if you can sift through all the B.S. Lot's of amatuers on that site.

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    Looks like they are both a little down today. I owned some penny stocks that only decreased in value, MSEV & LGREF, so I sold before I lost the entire investment.

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    Heres my favorite (OTC)- Bought 200 shares at $5.80 Sold at $11.20 - in three days!!! Its in a pullback right now - but it's definitely gonna go back up!

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    GZFX. I find this one interesting. I happen to have 150,000 shares.
    Waiting for some kind of Netflix challenge. Maybe Netflix will take it over.
    Also bought some shares of GLE
    Does anyone have any opinions on this obscure company? Should go somewhere if gold goes up to 1000

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