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Thread: What's going on in India?!

  1. Default What's going on in India?!

    I bought The India Fund on at around $55 on a pullback Teusday--I was thinking it was part market adjustment and part sell-off for profits. It's been on a downward slide since and just started slumming below $50. Did I miss something or is this panic selling still?

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    its not all of a sudden going to least i hope not, i have etgix and was a good fund until this crap...its down about 4% today...wait till all this commodity **** finishes and it should do fine...its just one big correction.

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    I bought IIF (very similar to IFN, in hindsight should've bought IFN) at 40 and watched it go up to almost sixt in like a straight line...until the past week when it tanked down 10 straight..btw, how do these ETFs calculate the dividends? Is it a percentage of profit or....?

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    To answer your question, it is panic selling. Every high flyer is getting drilled including India. If you look at the stocks I was in back in January when I was 5 months to early in predicting a slowdown (MO, PG, K), those stocks have flatlined all of 2006 and have been essentially unaffected by this selloff because the holders are long term. These momentum plays are getting killed because everyone is making a dash to the door to secure their gains. India is fine and I'd be a buyer, or in your case average down, very soon.

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