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Thread: PAIV - big run

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    This is the company that did the merger with JPHC (that was de-listed not too long ago) if you still have some shares they should parley into PAIV.OB.
    Sometime! I wish it was today but we will have to wait.

    It's going down after it hit .0071

    I will to get more info on this.

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    You sure you were able to sell? I just contacted Ameritrade and apparently the shares are restricted per the companies request. They gave me a contact number for the company so I will give that a shot.

    What broker do you use Tooty?

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    Apparently the shares are restricted. You shouldn't have been able to sell them. Not sure what the company and Scottrade will do about that, but they've already notified Ameritrade to restrict the shares.

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    Well what happened was I had JPHC shares in my account that I had purchased a couple months ago. Then one day Ameritrade converted those shares into PAIV I guess because of the merger. Now PAIV soars and I try to sell half and they tell me they are restricted at the companies request. Apparently you shouldn't have been able to sell any shares of PAIV. Still trying to get through to Ameritrade to find out what the deal is with this stock...

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    No, actually (sorry) I bought PAIV this morning when it was starting to climb. Yesterday I was looking into it. So, I bought and sold PAIV today, but my JPHC shares are still in limbo. I can't get to those at all.

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