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    Watch these 2 both at day high and looking good imo. TMXO just hit .51 JKRI im looking for at least a double and maybe a 3 bagger

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    Loadin' up on JKRI, rumors are floating around and the candle chart looks like a thing of beauty. JKRI is ready for take-off, I recommend gettin' in here before tomorrow!

    Thanks for the heads up on this one Cman!


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    I've been playing JKRI for a couple of months now. A few times it has dipped below a penny, only to come screaming back. Two days ago it dipped below that price and there's a very nice increase in volume today. I got in at .01 and again at .009 so anything is looking good for me. If it comes back to .01 or even .011 you might want to consider getting some more.

    The end of February it hit .008 then skyrocketed above .02 then pulled back. I bought at .008 and sold at .012 for 50%, can't argue with that. This time I think I'm gonna try to get some free shares. If that's a hint to you guys where I think it's going......

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    Make that TMXO not tmxk. JKRI stuck at .012 just needs some volume to get it thru .012. Good luck

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    why was this stock at $1900 back in june 2004 ?
    that's what my chart shows, although yahoo chart only has 5 days.

    maybe it just came public ?

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