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    I don't know bout them thar stocks ya pickin boy, but ya mama called and sed ta quit postin pikchers of yer lil sister on here likin that.
    Not that I mind ya hear, I was thinkin she looked pretty darn fetchin ta me !

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    o yea, you sound like booyahoo and his horrible grammar, this is a financial website about stocks not a kindergarden discussion.

    BXC was recommended by my brothers broker, Boom was mentioned by her and i think it has a good 25% until it hits resistance. JMO but i think its a good one.

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    No offense to ya youngin, just cause we don't talk da same dont mean I aint got sum cents about whar ta put my loot.
    ya gotta go with yer gut, so luck to ya. iffin ya wernt wound up so tight bout whatcha doin with yer loot, maybe it wouldnt a rubbed ya that way

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    BXC supplies building materials which was a top industry the past year, but of 98 industries it has slipped from #2 position to #74. Even though they have beat earnings expectation past few quarters, you can expect that to slow considerably in the second half of the year. Continued action by the Fed will continue to slow consumer spending and the rising cost of fuel will cut into sales. price has slipped below 50 day ma support.Ya gonna find out those broker tips are usually behind the curve, they recommend on past performance, but their little crystal balls are cloudy.

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    BOOM is a good play here after tuesdays news of the european contract. The recent turmoil on their BOD has apparently resolved and they are a good bet in the current environment in mining/exploration. I love the symbol, whoever came up with it should be given the creative symbol medal. I see this running to or through the 50EMA at 34 in the short term.
    BXC I am less sanguine about, it has taken a pretty big hit and is very oversold, stochastics bottoming at the moment, but the uncertainty in the housing market still has me holding back in the building supply arena. A freeze by the FOMC would help hugely.

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    hahaha ya this broker only made my moms cousin a millionarre haha, good call though. glad u can do research on the spot, your super.

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