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    What do you guys think about BKHM

    Seems to have left a lot of gaps up around 5.5 and 8.
    1 yr Target is listed on $10. Was on a nice uptrend until early April. I haven't looked too far into yet but, I am going to guess by looking at the chart, that they were hammered by earnings, and then the whole market correction bringing them back to 4.26

    Just thought I would throw them to the wolves in the semi conversation lol...

    EDIT-Ok, just looked at the financials and seeing a lot of red, although it looks like they have come a long way from FY 05. Also looks like they stand to pass the total revenue from 05...

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    Risk-reward ratios are wider on the stocks with the greatest prospects for making a turnaround, but I've found it often pays to move in when everyone else is heading for the exits.
    It may take a few quarters of positive results after last quarters guidance to catapult BKHM back to new highs, but the patient investor would do well to be buying now.
    Here's a note on the recent upgrade:

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    Merriman Curhan Ford analyst Tim Savageaux, who upgraded the stock to "Buy," said the company, which makes optical components used in telecommunications networks, could benefit from a recovery in the optical networking space, potential new products and a restructuring plan.
    "We believe the negatives surrounding Bookham's recent gross margin results and outlook are more than priced into the shares," Savageaux wrote in a note. "In some senses the company is in the same position it was nearly a year ago, with the main differences being a) a much stronger balance sheet and b) an optical networking market that is clearly in recovery."
    Earlier this month the company reported a narrowed third-quarter loss, but projected a sequential decline in fourth-quarter margins, which sent shares to a closing price of $5 on May 5, down 20 percent from the prior day's closing price of $6.28

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    Hmmm, thanks for the read MoMoney-

    Definately seems like one I will watch a little and read a bit more into them. Like I said it definately seemed like they were heading in the right direction.
    Should be interesting to see what happens now that the fallout should be close to over. The chart looks like it may be close to staying level or perhaps a very slow uptrend as they are very badly oversold..

    Kind of interesting that they recieved a upgraded "buy" already. Especially given the poor guidance this month. That must be one of the things that happen when a stock loses 60%.....which is good for myself..."Look for hurt stocks, not hurt companies"
    I suppose this is a mix of the two, but definately a value play IMO...

    I just want to see how the market handles them now..

    Thanks again.

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    For those who do not pay much attention to such things. May 31st all US stocks are ranked by market cap. ON JUNE 16,23, and 30 the PRELIMINARY lists of additions and deletions to the Russell 3000 and the Russell Microcap are posted after 3 PM P.S.T.

    On June 30th The newly reconstituted Russell indexes are effective at the close of market day.

    On July 3rd the final membership lists for Russell 1000, 2000, 3000, and Microcap indexes are posted.

    Don't underestimate what a return to the Russell after being dropped years back will do for institutional buying pressure from index funds as well as short covering.

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