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Thread: Semi's are nice

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    A few of my favorites are :
    SMDI and ANAD
    SMDI up over 400% in 12 months. I was late to get in on this one at about $8 and now above $12, reports earnings 6/1. Looking for upside into the $20's going into 2007

    ANAD up over 500% in 12 months. Return to profitability in 3rd quarter highly likely and earnings quadrupling to .80 is reasonable expectations for 2007-2008. I was in this one in mid $2's and have ridden in 9 months to mid $8's. Looking to be well into double digits by end of year and above $20 going into 2007-2008

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    Others tout the benefits of RFMD, SWKS, and TQNT being up about 100% in 12 months, but ANAD has greater long term prospects and has the others beat hands down.

    They have been down a bit last week, but had a nice day Friday, and showing tremendous stamina in the current markets. Look for a breakout to a new 52 week high in ANAD next week into the mid 9's.

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    You're down a little, but if you just ride the ups and downs and hold onto ANAD on into 2007 and beyond, you'll make a bundle on it too.

    In the future one of the best pieces of advice I could give you, " don't buy all your shares at once !"
    More times than not, you'll see the price drop after you buy. Almost all stocks have a point in a 90 day period when they will pullback at least 5% or more, before moving on to higher ground. That's when you add to your position, buying on the dips. It pays to buy in 1/4's and add along the way. As you save and add cash to your account, use it to increase your position on the dips as well.

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    Very nice advice bro.....My only problem is I do not have very much money, so commissions would eat me if I bought on dips I bought like 122 shares at about $1100. I wish I had more money...but unfortunately I am young and I do not.

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    those semis look real good, i might do a lil research tonight and get in one tommorow to start gaining my money back from SLW. you think its a good time to get into it???

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    All the investment surveys I've read recently rate ANAD a buy or strong buy for 12 month targets. In the mid $8's right now, I see no reason for the stock not to hit $12 before the end of the year.
    If SMDI can pull a 90 something P/E, ANAD should as well. Even half that would put the shares at $9 based on next years estimates. Given the expectations that those earnings could quadruple in 2008, the shares can easily reach $30 or more in 2 years.
    I would'nt put all my eggs in one basket, but I would'nt be betting against ANAD right here either.

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    Of the two I'd say ANAD has the greatest prospects for the biggest increase in share price over the near term. SMDI is already profitable, has had a spectacular run over the past twelve months and will continue to do well, but ANAD is losing money and has beaten expectations the past 3 quarters. Revenues are up and the losses have been narrowing over the past year. The story here is not what the company has done in the past, but the expectations going forward. Analyists expect the company to become profitable in the 3rd quarter this year and consensus estimates are for .20 a share next year. It is reasonable to expect that to grow to .80 a share 3 or 4 years out. Company guidance has been conservative in their estimates and usually beat the numbers. You can expect future analysist upgrades that will push the price even higher as the company nears profitability.
    I have been in the stock since last summer and up over 300% and loaded to the gills with ANAD stock. I expect to continue accumalating the stock well into 2008-2009. The ride has been volitile and faint of heart investors should steer clear. I have seen these $1 a share pullbacks several times along the way, but have reaped the reward of adding shares when it did rather than bail out.

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