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Thread: MA to trade for $39 during Thurs Trading

  1. Default MA to trade for $39 during Thurs Trading

    He was (is somewhere) a kneejerk contrarian knucklehead who busted balls around here for a while. He had an accent remarkably similar to yours.
    It may be my NYC upbringing makes me biased but the hayseed vernacular makes it difficult to take you seriously even if what you say makes sense. Sorry.

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    now that Booyahoo's aunt here hates MA.
    Is anyone in on this today?
    Up over 11% so far today.

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    No doubt about it.....KrazyKowboy is Boobyah in a not too well disguised new persona. Same remarks, same mentality, different pseudo dialect. The act continues ad nauseum.

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    Yep, send that $39 dollars in and pay down yer Mastercard, iffin ya don't ya gonna get screwed goin and comin.

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    is this booyahoos brother????

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