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Thread: Patent on Toast. yep, that's right.

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    This patent was issued in 2000 (yep 2000 A.D). It seemed like an amusing and light-hearted segue from the recent seriousness of patent lawsuits;

    1. A method of refreshing bread products, comprising:

    a) placing a bread product in an oven having at least one heating element,b) setting the temperature of the heating elements between 2500 F. and 4500 F., andc) ceasing exposure of the bread product to the at least one heating element after a period of 3 sec. to 90 sec.

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    bravo. I wonder what day to day kitchen appliance i can patent that no one’s thought of yet…

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    The microwave that doesn’t spark when you accidentally forget to take the spoon out of your soup bowl!

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    Instead, it takes the food and throws at your face, spoon and all.

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    I have a comment: when was the last time you toasted bread at 4500F? This is a method for flash-heating stale bread to revive it.

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