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Thread: Wired Article: The Patent System’s Not Broken - Responses?

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    This morning I stumbled upon a Wired opinion article about patent reform and how we don't really need it. I was wondering if anyone had something to add , as The Verge, largely because of one Nilay Patel, has been very vocal about the issues that the patent system faces in the age of software and a more mature technology sector. I think the piece has some issues in that the examples it gives aren't necessarily analogous to today's issues, but nonetheless it is an interesting if not polarizing read.

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    By the way, how did you make this awesome screenshot?

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    It sets up false choice: the patent system is broken and should be abolished or the patent system is not broken and should be left alone. This, of course, leaves out the wide middle of the patent system is broken and needs reforms. It’s nice he reinforces the utility of a patent system (something that is oft forgotten in the comments of an article about lawsuits), but it seems silly to not recognize that improvements could be made.

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    I tend to agree to an extent. I think the author’s final recommendation of, “let this play out,” is very wise. Our common law system requires that statutes be messed around with in the courts for some time after they are enacted in order for a real understanding of what it all means.
    That said, the America Invents Act, which the author pins this statement on, does NOTHING to settle the issue of software patents (though I’m not sure that NEEDS to be addressed) or the larger issue of non practicing entities (patent trolls) (which I think should be left ALONE, since NPEs are just enforcing patents that already exist).

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    It DID head off the ridiculous qui tam false-marking claim suits that were gaining steam and not doing anyone any real good except the litigators. I would have liked to see some kind of legislation to increase the expertise of the patent examiners to prevent the granting of ridiculous patents that are overbroad because the examiner didn’t really understand the state of the art at the time of the patent prosecution.

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    cmd + shift + 3 (the obvious part)
    then, some perspective transform in photoshop, some pretty blurry brushes in the background on black and a bit on top of the image. Some extrude and a pinch of drop shadow.

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    Im a multimedia producer so I generally go a bit overboard in post-production whenever I post video or photos online. Also, Ive been experimenting with screenshot manipulation for multimedia pieces.

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