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Thread: Two Bobcats

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    AntoinDolin Guest

    Default Two Bobcats

    This was unusual. Same trail but one going east and one going west
    The easterner is on the far right

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    AntonPutna Guest


    Peter maybe they were on sentry duty to keep the dogs out.

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    ArabodunLemn Guest


    Don't get me started on the dogs John. I had one of them on camera too.

    I was sick last week and didn't go to the farm. How they know I'm not there is one of the great mysteries in life.

    I'm going to make a scaredoghunter and put him on a hill top with a shotgun. " title="Angry" class="smiley">

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    Pretty neat, thanks for sharing! Is that a slow response camera to not catch the easterner before he passed the camera? Just curious, I have not heard of that type of camera.

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    No, the camera is a Reconyx. Response is almost instantaneous.
    I have a field just beyond he far Bobcat. I think they both came up beside the field, one turned left and the other right.

    I had a pregnant Bobcat a couple of months ago. It's possible this is her offspring

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