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    NNVC is a small $205 million bulletin board stock within the healthcare sector that engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of anti-viral therapeutics primarily in the United States. This is a VERY aggressive stock for a few reasons. First, its market cap is very small. It trades as a bulletin board stock where volatility and liquidity can be significant issues. Finally, it's a small healthcare company, which has significant inherent risk. The technicals here look very interesting, but anyone wishing to trade NNVC needs to realize the risks involved. NNVC ran from $.80 to $2.60 in a little more than three months with strong volume trends in place. That initial $2.60 high was touched in mid-April, then revisited in early May, but a long-term negative divergence printed. Since that time, NNVC has traded back down near long-term intraday price support in the $1.40-$1.45 area. Monday's low was $1.43 before rebounding into the close, holding onto $1.54 closing price. A doji printed on the session on high volume, a combination that suggests a near-term bottom may have been reached. An initial upside target could be the 50 day SMA, currently at $1.84.

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    Be careful with this one. Biotechs are a tough play right now. You can't always judge the charts, especially candles. Several of them ran earlier this year, and are still coming down including popular KERX. I'm Bearish on this one also. Recent test results came up short of what most wanted to hear. Today the stock closed down below the 1.55 pivot point suggesting it may test the 1.35 support and go even lower. AVII was just awarded a $291 Million government contract for Ebola. NNVC has there work cut out for them and has a long way to go before any of its nano drugs can be produced. This reminds me of IMGG, as being over-hyped to soon. However, NNVC is debt free, so this does have some potential, I just don't think it has come down far enough yet.

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    Alexzotov4433 Guest


    AVII $1.82 (was just awarded a $291 Million contract for Ebola and Marbug Virus vaccines- exactly what NNVC is going to try to produce)
    BPAX $1.64 (I

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    If your interested in some of these bio-techs, NNVC included, you may want to have another look. NNVC is holding support of 1.00, currently sitting at 1.06.

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    If you played this, you just made 20+% today. This may move higher, but I'm taking some off, if not all tomorrow.

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    There was news out Monday that helped push this.

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