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    It's all official now.
    M vs B
    B is still going to throw a hell of big party in some town...............somewhere.

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    To be honest, I'm not crazy about either. Mitt is the better of the bad but either way I think this country is over it's hip waders in the cesspool.

    We haven't had a good president in my lifetime...why change

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    Just to clarify, there are 3 basic things required to pass legislation here(not counting judicial precedence) We have the House of Representatives, Senate, and the President. Right now, the democrats have the Senate, and the Presidency. Republicans have the House. For two years of the presidents term, the democrats had all three. For those two years, they could effectively do whatever they wanted. Once the people saw what they had to offer, the next election swung republicans into the house. While the republicans had no hope of getting any of their "debatable" ideas passed, they at least had the ability to prevent the democrats from doing the same thing. In my opinion, this was, at the very least, what the people hoped for-stop the madness so to speak.

    Obviously the above explanation doesn't factor in everything, but I think it's a pretty good overview for someone who isn't familiar with our system. In all honesty, I would not be surprised if the next four years have a similar tone should Romney win. People are just so fickle.

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    To me, our current president has overstepped his Presidential authority as set forth in the constitution, using 'Presidential fiat'.

    The limiting of executive power by congressional vote isn't a failure of our system, but a success. Our three branches of government are specifically designed as checks and balances with the people having ultimate authority.

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    Choosing the perceived lesser of two evils is still a choice for evil. Noticed that Romney's top contributors for the 2012 race look an awful lot like Obama's top contributors for 2008.

    2012 Obama/Romney comparison:

    2008 Obama top contributors:

    Regardless of who wins, I don't expect a substantive difference on anything but continued pandering to the voters who get whipped into a frenzy over polarizing single issues. It's been working quite well to distract people from what should be the real issues that neither candidate or party will address. Divide and conquer always makes a good strategy.

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    I'm a Brit but if I lived in the US I'd be voting for Mit

    running a succesful country is the same as a succesful business, money in V's money out and make dificult decisions

    A country head that seemingly does not support its military and does nothing when it looses its latest stealth aircraft /drone should simply not be in charge.

    I don't agree with mormonism personaly having faught them off the doorstep multiple times
    but thats just a religeous belief thing.

    Money to the muslim brotherhood when your debt can't be counted manually by humans - what the F33K.

    Mind you the UK is no better with people voting for people that have the only skill set of speaking and dressing well from prompt cards and written speeches.

    I wish you all luck and and hopefully someone will lower property tax !

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