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Thread: Proposed firearm legislation

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    AmieFarrel Guest

    Default Proposed firearm legislation

    My gun club sent this out in a push email detailing the nature of the new proposals. It's a bit lengthy...

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    andreworalocigs Guest


    In the past year we have been witness to a number of tragic events from which many of our State and Federal elected representatives are using as a podium for the purpose of preaching the destruction of our 2nd Amendment rights as well as other constitutional rights. Recently a LARGE number of legislative bills have been introduced at both the Federal and State legislatures that will severely erode and in some cases take away our Second Amendment rights such as the following:


    1. S.176 “Common Sense Concealed Firearms Permit Act of 2011” Sponsor Barbra Boxer (D-CA)

    In short is allows the Federal Government control of who gets Concealed carry Permits.

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    I do not live in NM, so I won't comment on that legislation. Does the author not understand how government works or is he just seeing how ignorant other people are? I don't take issue with him trying gain support to disagree with recent firearms legislation.

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    Andreymom Guest


    But, if anyone were to call their local representative to complain about legislation that died 2 years ago, the person complaining would look like a fool. There are only two on that list that are recent, to include the others detracts from the argument and undermines the credibility.

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    Thank you for the clarification. I am going to give feedback to my club.

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