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Thread: Labor Day

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    ...or Labour Day to the Canuks in the crowd...

    I'm a few days early with sending best wishes for

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    We celebrate both, work 2x as hard; but they do occur on the same day.

    We do try to celebrate Boxing Day in our own way though. Google "Boxing Day".

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    Same with Canuk Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a turkey.

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    Same here - taking advantage of the wet season we have had in NM to cut and burn slash. Lots to do, and I just learned how to sharpen the chainsaw chain. Everyone have a safe weekend!

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    You know that is strange I never have asked or researched 'Just 'whatthe' heck in Boxing Day and why?' Now I know!!

    I know I have been on Vancouver Island on Labour Day twice and was told if you're going to 'escape the Island you just damn well better be at the ferry terminal at a good time.' No problem there... What was the problem was everyone from Washington State was in BC and everyone from BC was in Washington State..... My word it was international grid lock..... I sure miss going up there.... Might seek off up that way next year when the house is finished....

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