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    If there is ever a corporate stock equivalent of a bullet train, then its gotta be DDRX. I started following this stock when it was hovering around 4.50, waited perennially for it to pull back, i mean, come on, even during the good old days this was doing around 4 ish,well,kept eluding me and its doing 14+ today. What would be the upper cap for this stock? Does anyone here have this in their portfolio?

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    I've been watching it too. Although, I found it once it moved past 10.

    Apparently, they killed earnings, and they sold gloria jeans.....

    I'm thinking the fickle coffee crowd has found its "new" starbucks. MAYBE.......I don't know. I've read their going wholesale while closing retail spots. And billing itself as a premier roaster and wholesaler. Apparently, its signing new distribution agreements almost everyday.....(seemingly).

    Anyway, its a hit with the hipsters out west apparently.......or the gloria jeans shops were. We have 2 here in trendy spots in Raleigh and Cary - I've never been. They sold the retail shops, but, kept the licensing rights to gloria jeans to sell wholesale.

    I've been a big bull on this stock, but don't have any. I'm waiting for a nasty correction - which will come....

    But, the bears on stocktwits love to hate this stock.

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    I think it could double from here.

    The most difficult thing to remember about rocket they only trade at the high......and that high keeps going up.......

    I think it could keep ripping until the next earnings have to think that expectations are high for it......which will keep a bid beneath it. But, after that, it'll probably get a well deserved rest.

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    There were a few Diedrich Coffees around in Mission Viejo, CA where I used to live. I have been to them. I like their coffee. But I really couldn't tell the difference between drinking coffee there, or in any of Starbucks', or any other coffee stores alike for that matter. I am not a sophisticated coffee drinker. I wonder how many are. Diedrich was a tiny outfit. I always wondered how they would be able to compete with Starbucks.

    From my stock trading experience, I would bet my booty that the recent price rise in DDRX stock (from 0.40 to 15 in 1 month?) is not because they sell better coffee. It's likely something else. Some kind of rumor? Buy out? I don't know. But if you look at Starbucks and other coffee stores alike, nothing in that line of business would justify buying DDRX at 3000% its trading price only a month ago. The truth will come out at some point.

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