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Thread: The FBI saves the day and I'm rich now

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    AlysaHairs Guest

    Default The FBI saves the day and I'm rich now

    Does anyone ever fall for this?
    I think I'll send a copy to the FBI and ask if I can pick my money up in cash at the local office.

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    AMQLes9194 Guest


    Peter, you have all the luck!!

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    AndrewFeawn Guest


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    andy g Guest


    I don't know why we are not so lucky........................ Gee good thing I don't need eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars in this robust economy.

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    The greedy and the stupid maybe?

    Many times unfortunately the elderly get taken by these. I've met a few over the years. People that come in looking for pro-bono help to get their money back. The only thing we can do is put them in touch with the FBI. The fake money order/cashier’s check seems to get most of them.

    The English is sooooo bad. At least with the Nigerian Prince scams, they state the email is from Africa which would explain the poor English. Who would believe an American wrote this?

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    Who would believe an American wrote this?

    someone with similar english skills. Our schools do manage to produce them.

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